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Popular Video Director Dj Tee stabs upcoming artist

Popular Video Director DJ TEE known for  videos like Dbanj’s Tongolo and more recently Hakym The Dream’s “Lamba”, Olamide’s “Omo toh Shan”  to mention a few is reported to have stabbed an upcoming artist on the set of a video which he was directing yesterday. His reason for this dastard and inhumane act was that the victim was disturbing his set.

Our sources tell us that The victim, Tolani, had gone to the venue of the video shoot at Daily Times agindingbi ,ikeja with his siblings and friends to give solidarity support to another upcoming artiste Malcolm.

At some point during the shoot, DJ TEE asked people who weren’t going to appear in the video to leave the shooting area. One of the well-wishers a girl who wished to appear in the video remained. Instead of politely asking her to leave the area, Dj Tee rudely screamed at her to GET-OUT,and even resorted to calling her names like b***h amongst other things.

Another friend of Macolm, Dolapo who was on the set interfered by peacefully telling DJ TEE to relax and also that it wasn’t necessary to shout at a lady in the manner which he did. This infuriated DJ TEE even more and the next thing he did was slap Dolapo, but it didn’t end there. DJ TEE and his boys then started beating the boy up.
Dolapo’s kid sister Bolaji(17 years old) watched helplessly as they beat her brother to pulp, and could only scream and appeal to  DJ TEE to stop.  She screamed continuously: “He is my brother!!!”.
All Bolaji’s appeal fell on deaf ears. Worse still, DJ TEE instructed his boys to start beating her too. Tolani, Dolapo’s brother then stepped in to stop the  brawl, but alas! all hell  broke loose as DJ TEE broke a bottle and approached Dolapo with it. Tolani tried to shield his brother but got stabbed in the face, after which DJ TEE  and his boys threw Tolani, his siblings and friends out of the studio and went ahead with the video shoot.

The stabbed boy now is receiving treatment at the ikeja medical center behind Alade market at Allen.

Reports have it that Dj Tee has anger management issues and often displays very erratic behavior. He is said to be a former soldier and holds a black belt in Karate and this perhaps, explains his unnecessarily violent behavior from time to time.

This story is indeed very disheartening. Even if the teenagers in question had angered him, violence is never an option,where civilized people are concerned.  We have tried to reach DJ TEE on his side of the story. We will keep you posted as more details come to light.

The scarred  face of the victim!


  1. u guys shuld confirm issues before u report dem!! If u look closely @ d pix, it is obvious that the guy wasn’t stabbed. Do you even know what a stab looks like? U guys are shallow reporters with no sense of true journalism!! Such a shame!!

    • you guys should be careful with what you say on here cant you read from the picture what really happened,i guess you guys are blind and i wish you see the truth

  2. Whatever your name is,fire whatever may you,your father and children suffer similar fate from Djtee.Amen

  3. i dn’t believe all this shit as it looks like alot is been twisted up and believe me this are kinda stories that interests bloggers as they know Nigerians love bad news. truth is, there’re way too many bloggers who just duplicate things and not digging… if this guy was truly stabbed it’ll be very deep. that looks like a cut to me sorry.

  4. Be it cut or stab,Djtee shud’nt hv done either of the two,I think he feels he can go away with what ever,he shud face the law,its high time all this so called celebs,get dealt with for their gross mis-conduct in the society.

  5. This should be investigated by the music industry and the police. DJ Tee and his boys or whoever committed this atrocity should be brought to book. This is a case of attempted murder. He should be sued for inflicting a permanent damage on the face of this young man.
    DJ Tee is the kind of person young men in Nigeria are crazy about. You read a story like this with glaring evidence (voice notes from the scene at the time of the incident which have gone viral on blackberry phones) and you say that DJ Tee can never do such…you defend him with all your might as if he is a saint, meanwhile Nigerians know about how he beat up his ex-wife to the point where she had to leave him.
    I wish that this does not happen to you. If you have defended Nigeria the way you defend DJ Tee, Nigeria would not be as bad as She is.

  6. I wish those people that defends Dj tee the same occurence even worse than ever imagined….. How can he be so cruel to an extent he stabbed a fellow human in the face, and some lunatics says it a framed up story and picture. How does a stab wound loolks like? Some idiots just say nonsense and dont think. He is such an animal…. And there goes some fools, they post their dirty comment and defend Dj tee.. May it be onto those behind him and his co-workers. Now i see why his career has gone down 6 feet like a coffin, He is has been producing videos of low standards lately, and yet he still have the time to commit a crime. Its a big shame on Dj tee, people should not forget that nobody is above the law, wether he is a ex soldier or not he needs to be arraigned.

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