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Pic of the Day! Teacher Caught Having sex in the classroom with student

This must not go unpunished,Few weeks back a video of a 11 years old making love to a 4 years old was all over the internet,Now this again.Good people must rise up and ensure that this teacher is tracked down and punished,it is possible one person will know this Man,Lets clean our society of perverts.


  1. Dis is madness ooo

  2. Omg!omg! Ds is grossss!

  3. God will definitely punish this man. Choi!!! What a sex-mad society we live in!

  4. The teacher does not seem to have forcefully taken the girl. She seems to be enjoying it,and she is an adult.
    Why would God punish the man? They are both adults and they know what they want.
    I had lots of sex with my high school arithmetic teacher, no one forced me. I enjoyed it. We did it everywhere and almost got caught one time!
    It’s the person circulating the picture that should be punished!

    • Mogbomoya
      U have spoken well !!!
      Bunch of jobless hypocritical ignoramuses circulating and ejaculating vile comments when they do worse in their corridors of power !!!
      Dig that pussy
      Man!!! !

    • Regardless of how you slice this matter it only shows the DEGRADATION of our moral standards. People here saying that they had and enjoyed sex with their teachers and even school students.

    • Shut up you beast of a creature. A teacher is in the position of trust and whether the girl agreed or even begged for it should NEVER EVER be an excuse. Dont be a silly fool. Let me educate you. Lawyers, priests, and teachers are example of people in a position of trust. students, clients, and members of congregation will look unto this people for guidance and you bet they can be manipulated by these people in a position of authority. Now if a 14 15 16 or 17 year old student begged a teacher for sex, THAT IS A RED FLAG. you dont take advantage of the puppy love or infatuation she has for you, you run away and report her even. please educate yourself. Please read

      that teacher Jeremy Forrest has been jailed for 5 1/2years although the student WILLINGLY DATED AND TRAVELED OUT OF THE UK with her teacher. She loved him, yet it was no excuse.

      • Those shameless sexual perverts should go bury their heads in shame. They are clearly the ignorant ones here.

    • How do you know she was not forcefully taken and how do you know she is enjoying it? To make such a careless comment God will punish you. Can you see the girl smiling?

    • Correct comment man. nor bi di gal gree? na im disvirgin her?

    • It is complete rubbish, one thing am sure of is that d Teacher is far older than d student and ofcourse knows better

  5. @ Mogbomoya you are clearly sick and need your head examined. You think been molested is okay . your comment is too sick to even deserve a reply .
    Or are you trying to be funny ???

    • And who told you the lady is being molested? What if she indulged in the act willingly.

      Reread my post Mary. Unless, there is proof that the teacher forced her into sex, but from the pix, it seems she is enjoying it. It is the person tht is circulating the picture tht shld be punished first!
      The girl does nt look underage to me. She is wearing a skirt which suggests she is in a senior grade.

      Seems ur behind in what happens in most Nigerian High Schools. Those girls are so wild!!!! My younger brother was posted to teach in one, and he said the girls there almost rapped him on a daily basis.

      • No one cares if she was enjoyin it or not! D teacher is punishable by law cos sex with an underage person is felony!!!

    • Mary…you are shouting as if people will not be people anymore. There is no reason for forced sex, and no reason to do anything to this man. The picture depicts 2 grown people having sex. 1 of them can be a student and the other a teacher. But what the picture does not show is applied force. There is nothing to it. In Nigeria, we have seen men get married to people who are as young as their last daughters, I have seen teachers marry their students. So what is your biggie?

    • michael pascal onabiyi

      I don’t know why we nigerian like to put effort where there’s seems to βε̲̣̣̣̥ nothing serious, what they are doing is no big deal α̲̅πϑ they are both addult α̲̅πϑ enjoying what they are doing.I believe the motherfucker who’s been spreading this pix is so sick α̲̅πϑ need to βε̲̣̣̣̥ examined, α̲̅πϑ for u guyz that’s making negative comments, which one of Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ can say he/she has not done similar thing before? They are both enjoying it §ǿ pls stop spreading this nonsense pix Ρƪε̲̣̣̣̥ãƨε.

  6. @mogbomoya,u rily r sick,hw can u say such….wat if d teacher had threatened her 2 do it….n wat makes u tink she is an adult,*smh

    • loly…there is a video where this picture came from. In that video, there was no force, the teacher and the student sat while someone was filming. Then they proceeded with their act which I cannot state details here. For all we know, we were not there. This could be a scene from a porn movie, or a real teacher student sex. Whatever the case, lets be objective.
      Perverts have been in the world since the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We can only do our best to educate the young ones from being taken advantage of.

      • @dex y not consider being a comedian! Lol.. hello everybody there is no point to argue about… According to the picture am seeing on this site, those guys re enjoying themselves so leave them alone, the reason why the picture was posted is for people to comment, those in the picture are having a good time like (J martins) said… Come to think of this? Are there no better places for them to have that sex instead of the classroom? It obvious that it is an act and it was delibrately recorded, so don’t even think of cursing anybody over the picture, who has the video? I wanna watch it in full, lol!!

    • wat the fuck are all dis negative comments for;u clearly see two people havin sex wit no indication of force btw them;hypocrites;u guys wit the negative comment might hav done worst and here u are claimin saint;assholes;wich of u have not had sex b4 be it ur taecher or whosoever;we are in the twenthieth century; go back to the eighthenth if u are to primitve or ancient to live in the present day.plsss have sex as much as u want teacher man no b firewood.piss out

    • another glance at the pix shows there is love in the air but i suppose they could not control the feeling which is why they eventually engage the classroom for to derive pleasure.morally,its wrong doing it openly but let pray that God would have mercy on us all because non of us is absolutely free from one form of sin or the other.

    • Ah dat gal bado,she jst bend 4 d teacher

  7. @loly, no am not sick. I said nothing wrong.

    Am guessing you are Nigerian, and my problem with most Nigerians is that you guys are myopic,superficial,overly sensitive and not good judges. Before you cast fingers, look at things from the 2 angles.
    The pix does nt suggest the teacher molested/forced her. If he truly did, then he deserves to be punished. But you cannot judge and start cursing the man from drawing conclusions on the picture.

    What if she seduced the teacher? Did you think of tht?

    • OMG… why can’t people understand that it does not matter if she seduced him or not. The issue is not whether this is consentual or forced sex. It is child abuse because the girl is underaged and the teacher should know better! This is child abuse and I wish we have stronger laws to make this punishable.

  8. We can’t conclude, God almighty know it best. After all, who is complaining? From the look of the pic, it doesn’t show as non of the victims is not interested.

  9. THis is a total lie. It didnt happen in Nigeria. This happened years ago in Kenya. It was 2 students and another one recording them. So this is a total lie.

  10. I kip tel ppl dat govt are nt d problem of dis nation we are our problem so let us by ourselfs do ourselfs dis is madness we shud wisen up nw or 4eva remain in damention

  11. Some times student at that age of 12yrs,i mean in the active perioud of their lifes will alwasy want their teachers to knw they are expose to some kind of sextual act,but its not enough reason for the teacher to take advantage of her

  12. @mogbomoya let me have ur number, email, bb pin…. Lol !! You are crazy.

  13. We are not talking about if she was forced into it or not here I think the point is that a teacher is not suppose to practice sex with a student or even have sex with his or her student in the class room is moraly wrong my people we are africans we are cultured let’s not emulate the westerners because our culture and there’s are not the same .

    • What is culture with where to have sex? Na wa for the way people dey interpret culture. Morally wrong, I can agree with you…but culture? Please there is no culture, within Nigeria or outside that stipulates where to have sex, or demonstrate love to your spouse.
      I have seen teachers get married to their students, here in Nigeria, we have seen people who get married to ladies way younger than them. So I don’t see your moral or culture in that please.

  14. D style dat dis guys are doing has totally shown they don’t force d girl(doggy style),so pls don’t curse d guy,d teenage girls of now adays are so deperate in having sex even u know some girls are started having sex until they are pregnant,all we need to do is to train our children not to go dis part N let’s them know is wrong @some age……..

  15. This is vry bad, so so bad to see on our gr8 nation. This man must be deal with pllllssss. Let action dis .

  16. ​A̶̲̥̅♏ a teachr of many yrs nd @ 1 tym or d oda,male students av tried2 woo m bt I nvr stoopd low2 yield2 such.D issue is dat as a teachr,h shld uphold moral standard n nt encorage such rubish in skool.dose of u talkin trash abt bin involvd wt ur teachr in secondry skool ar simply freaks n U shldnt ßε proud of dat.dt girl wil b Btw 15 nd 16. wot cn a girl of dat age do4 hrself if she’s impregnated.I bet,sh can’t b briliant sef.som students seduce male teachers.1 student tld a male coleague dat he’s a weaklin nd sh a teenagr wil finish him in bed!isn’t dat crazy?parents,teach ur kids D̶̲̥̅̊ ryt tin2 do@ evry stage of dier lives.shikena!

  17. nigerians can only comment good. When it come sex, porn and evil doing issues.

  18. Pls leave dese ppl alone!!! D only crime dey comitted was to get caught doin it in a public place!!! Dats al!!!

  19. I am shocked at most of the comments here most of u should b ashamed and infact are sick in the head. Everything in this picture is morally wrong if this man is a teacher. As a teacher in the UK u have no right to stare lustfully at ur students unless u want ur career gone. This is not the time and place to indulge in such act. I wonder what the world is turning to.

  20. ds s not d first time of doing it, bcos d action shows dey should expel d girl and d teacher should be purnished.

  21. It really doesn’t matter if both parties are enjoying it…If she was a regular secondary student she wuld nt be 18 yet and dat itself is a crime punishable under the law…as for those of u who do not see anything wrong here, when u ve kids encourage em to sleep wif their teachers or find out ur sister who isn’t of age is sleeping with her secondary school teacher… Fuckards

  22. Nothing right about this.This should not be encouraged and accepted I̶̲̥̅̊n any community I̶̲̥̅̊n the world.Let’s be good examples and influence to the younger generation.

  23. Hw cn a gud leader dat hv 2 show a gud example do dat

  24. Ajanaku subangudu

    Pls guys, dex/mogbomoya are good people. Want to know why? They are not pretenders they talk straight, because both the teacher and the student are really enjoying it.. Although i agree that this is wrong, but lets consider the fact that it is done secretly? To ya all that said the man needs to be punished, count how many bad things you’ve done secretly, and think of recieving punishment for all of it, i think you will be dead by now.. So please see this as one of those things done secretly and laugh it out… Thanks.

  25. This is rather dissapointing,,,buh like seriously why wud someone circulate this

  26. When i see u people comment on things that are posted online like this, i wonder if you are busy or serious human beings. Why do u always like to be hoodwinked and not ask the right questions. The owners of these websites know what they are doing, they deliberately posted porn pictures extracted from porn video films and you start cursing urselfs over this. This picture was extracted from a porn video from kenya which was acted by professional porn actors dressed like this. The only people to blame here are the owners of this site who posted it to drive traffic to their sites. Wake Up Nigerians.

  27. nice one tundex,they are only doing the right thing at the wrong time.

  28. They are both having sex without struggling that means they both agreed to do it buh I don’t think its right for the teacher to do this kind of a thing to a girl that he is training.please guys stop circulating this pix its unfair pls.

  29. dis is rubblish. Look what Nigeria teacher tone to.which day all dis Nonsense is going to end.

  30. There’s no evidence of any sex going on from this picture alone. The fellow’s trousers aren’t even down

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  32. its gratifying watching the anties of lunatics but harrowing to av them as relatives………….no one amongst ds in support of this wud be b so happy to c his or her family indulging in such act. well, I am nt judging though,I will say for thos using student to teacher as a yardstick, u are wrong to an extent. Who knws, they might be of the same age bracket yes it happens. besides, if this pix is reflecting a real. Scene, frm here I deduced that its a mutual agreement.the only thing I. Will say dey av don wrong is just the fact that they chose to do the right thing @ the wrong venue.

  33. Just bcz they r black doesnt make ‘em Nigerians. If u r goin to comment, do it on a neutral ground nd stop criticizn a coutry. Are we only d corruptd nation? By d way, she isnt forcd….

  34. this is complete madness… Even schools now have become threats to peoples children. Children leave 4school and parents get so scared of wat might happen to their wards. Hmmm. Hey but please there’s got to be a mistake somewhere. Dis does not look like my country Nigeria. Stop making nigeria look like dis very bad country. We stil have values, manners and morals…. Please….

  35. Nawao.what a stupidity,2 of dem is posessed.they need deliverance

  36. Thats gross my niggas,how can your own teacher fuck you.Thats real shameful

  37. O.M.G this is so wrong man.

  38. Hahahahahahhahahaha I dey laugh ooh look at how a matured fool sold his dignity to devil and things of fresh is a pity

  39. Suffering from PREMATURE EJACULATION? Then, you have got to visit..

  40. Its funny how sane people can argue the obvious.who told u the girl is an adult.don’t you ignorants know that sex with a secondary school girl is statuotory what if she is enjoying it.have u investigated the details that led to her enjoying it?.do u know if she was threaghtened and as such she had to fake it?.if u still think there was no crime commited then u must be an ikwerre savage from aluu.but the beauty of democracy is that it gives every idiot a chance to exhibit grand buffoner

  41. Its funny how sane people can argue the obvious.who told u the girl is an adult.don’t you ignorants know that sex with a secondary school girl is statuotory what if she is enjoying it.have u investigated the details that led to her enjoying it?.do u know if she was threaghtened and as such she had to fake it?.if u still think there was no crime commited then u must be an ikwerre savage from aluu.but the beauty of democracy is that it gives every idiot a chance to exhibit grand buffonery

  42. U dis mad teacher,God is ur judge,we parent need to pray fervently for our children o, dis is serious, if nigerian govt ll not judge u rightly,Holy ghost fire ll smash u down

  43. dat gal does nt seems as if she is molested it also apen in a nearby sch. Were a gal of her age had sex with her class teacher nd shared d xperience wit her frnd telin dem hw perfect d sex was nd she is also encourages odas to av a taste of it, so it is nt a new thing ooo…..

  44. I think both of them had agreement of it, but Them did it at wrong place is bad of them

  45. I don’t think this pic shows the girl enjoying anything she has her head on the table, probably subdued and dejected. This is soooo wrong on the path of the chap! Also i dont think the girl is an adult either! People above 18 are usually not still in secondary school! So guys, call it as it is, this is an epic fail and the perverted teacher should be punished!

  46. Must be stupid teacher

  47. Honestly, being a teacher there should be a professional standard that should be held between teacher and student, but when you look at the picture it doesn’t seem like there is foul play involved. It just looks like two people having consensual intercourse. I don’t see her fighting back at all to be honest, and if your a guy you know that if your doing it and the girl makes a sudden move to the side that junk hurt. I think the person who posted this should be punished and it should be investigated to make sure there wasn’t foul play but it doesn’t seem like it.

  48. hey u guyz dont know whats wrong with ur head we naiga dey like shits wela we dey like yan like stupid housewives even for www.(world wild web) something wey be porn film na im person go cut de pix carry come here dey make topic,dey gossip im papa for internet

  49. This is foolishness how can an a grown up man have sex with her child at school ,god will deal with him shit

  50. Teaching as a discipline is not for, playing love,that teacher has low I Q.

  51. This is NOT Nigeria. Rather, this is a porn video from East Africa that has been on Internet for a few years. Haba!

  52. He z very stupid by so doin,although dia must ve bin agrement wit d both of dem.mistake z doin it in a public place.their clas 4 dat mata.NAWAO

  53. d act is very bad,a teacher in dat matter.

  54. U guz are troubling yourselve, can’t you see two matured adult playing the old game of age. Omogbomo i love you, even me myself enjoy sex with this high school girls.

  55. Infact Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ guyz wishes 2 discomfort ur minds discussin abt another man’s sexual satisfaction, plz d person dat escalacted dis pix shld b punished.

  56. Y’all niggaleettes who is circulating this vid are out of your damn mind:::why circulating a vid like this::: its no big deal if a teacher had a sex with his student:::what if d student is above 18 n d teacher is like under 21:::as long as d bitch aint that young:::y’all Nigerians will be acting like u are Holy:::only God know what y’all do at home:::or outta sight::when your in public u act like virgin Mary n most of y’all are far from being a virgin:::the circulator and d one who filmed this vid is d one who is crazy:::y don’t u mind ur fuckn bidness n let ‘em doing their thing:::your worse than d devil:::he who Filmed this should eat a dick,Muthafucka

  57. Jafe is right, the male partner is a student, that is the school uniform most East Africans wear and if u re so observant u should notice that it was a quick action so do not judge him as a teacher from Nigeria.

  58. The teacher should be punished. Also, the governor who collapsed on a youth co member should be impeached
    They are all bad examples and stupid leaders.

  59. What a gross act!dat teacher really needs a medical checkup cos it doesn’t seems he ok,@mogbomoya …hmm what a frivolous coment u made doesn’t dat mean u could do such to a lady publicly?,well am not surprised ur name tells me more abt u.anyways dat teacher must not go unpunished

  60. mohammed akorede

    well, to me the both of them same to like it. cos he did not force, why should any one blame them

  61. people, i watched the real video. they were playing with each other. the girl voluntarily stood from his laps pulled down and he penetrated. it will intrest u to know dat her mates who are also patners were in class. as the action started the sex mates were excused. so who is to blame? this world is evil.

  62. what a world, it a sign of end time so be you prepare

  63. F*** that bastard teacher

  64. u guys ar jx givin urslf headache.d two people ar enjoyin demslf jare.

  65. Very very bad our country is going to an end i pray God should not get angry to dis country (Nigeria)

  66. you guys should just stop blabbing on what you are not sure of, How sure are you that this guy is even a teacher and not one of the non teaching staff or even an outsider who just gain access to the schl premises. you can’t say if it the girl’s bf or a setup from some ppl to be sure the girl is a cheerful giver. so stop saying what you dont know.Though its an IMMORAL ACT.

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  68. Udeme Effiong Udousoroh

    What u do in secret is more evil than what this teacher did,

  69. Nigerians,wher ar we going in dis country?

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  71. wat the fuck are all dis negative comments for;u clearly see two people havin sex wit no indication of force btw them;hypocrites;u guys wit the negative comment might hav done worst and here u are claimin saint;assholes;wich of u have not had sex b4 be it ur teacher or whosoever;we are in the twenthieth century; go back to the eighthenth if u are to primitve or ancient to live in the present day.plsss have sex as much as u want teacher man no b firewood.piss out

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  73. Tha pix looks like that of TWO students.
    No one seem to look like a teacher there.
    It may not be right but one thing is that those making the negative comments are the ones that have done worse.

  74. Imagine the girl were to be ur daughter in a boarden school. U taking ur daughter to a boarding sch is a clear sign u r trying to protect her. Now what’s d point of being there if those u ve entrusted to protect her are d ones doing d deed. Pls grow up all of u in support of the teacher. It is an offence that comes with a jail term.

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  76. Mr Teacher Teacher na watin dem say make u come dey teach people children b dis? I sure say na only u Waka come nd I sure say na onnly u go Waka God life impresimnt. God is watching u… THERE Is GOD OH all dis teacher’s nd lectures way dey do all dis nonse.

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