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Popular Yoruba Actor Soji Omobanke Abandons Wife,Romances Canadian Mother Of 2(Exclusive Pics)

Love is in the air and Soji Omobanke has found love in the arms of a mother of 2 , A Canadian based socialite known as  Nike,whose Muslim name is khadijat.

Khadijat who used to be  married to a Top Hotelier  Moruf Simba whom she has two kids, a boy and a girl for. She is a very successful business woman who goes to china, and travels all around the world. ” Since the inception of their relationship, Khadijat has been  spoiling Soji  silly”,sources say.

It was also gathered that few weeks back,  she doled out to Soji the sum of 1Million Naira, which is just one of the numerous  gifts she has continuously lavished him with and this may account for why Soji has been scarce in movies these days. All efforts to reach Soji has been futile as his phones are off. On further investigation however, we were told he is presently in  Canada.

It will be recalled that Soji got Married sometime last year. We shall keep you posted of the developments as it unfolds. Below is another picture of the  love birds in Canada.

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  1. sheboy says:
    July 7, 2012 at 7:29 pm
    Morufa Omo Toyin Igbera
    Why? | 7/7/2012 5:54:33 AM
    Why do you always cause trouble between people, why can’t you settle fight instead of adding to it..if you are not carefull this Kadijat that you are siding will kill you becuase she always says bad things about you too “is she not the one that says your mum is a ritualist that she always take her to baba alawo house on 9ija, she says your mother Toyin Igbera advice her agaist dating Alhaji Dawudu simply because she is dating him, she says she also advise her not to date Omo Banke because Omo Banke is sleeping with her, she says you are married to your father that your husband is 49 year old while your mum is 51 (just 2 years different) , but i dont blame her though beacuse that’s how you talk bad about people, go and settle your marital problems first before causing more problems for urself, you are the 1 that always inbox others about how hugly theire kids are, mean while look at ur production very hugly girl, ”Kadijat says u have just 1 child and u are look like u’ve had 10, she says u smell, she says ur mother always sent ur house rent from 9ija and she aslo take care of other responsibilities since ur husband is jobless. I feel so sorry for u cause no body like you due to your back biting even your husband family The Adetoros hate you with passion, it was this same Kadijat that says you mother in-law calls u to abuise u when you sent her daughter Deola out of the house when she was having problems with her husband in jail, it was this same Kadijat that says Peel Region call ur house to ask you if u r staying with ur husband because Deola gave them ur adress and she says you told her that you give your husband info to peel region and u will go and rent a basement to love with ur daughter, that marriage is not a do or die afair, she says she advice u not to do so but u did not listeen to her , so therefore she will be lying to you …don’t get me going lady, stay away from this evil lady that calls her self Kadijat she will kill you one day if care is not taking, look at Shade Omo Iya Duncan now am sure she is regreting ever knowing Kadijat by now….A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE RUN FOR UR LIFE OOO.

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