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Pics of the Orange Drugs Factory President Goodluck will Commision


August 30th is surely going to be a big day in Nigeria manufacturing as Orange Drugs opens its new factory in Onitsha. President Goodluck will be present to open the Factory that  is projected to provide at Least 1,200jobs within a year.


  1. Ndigbo, am happy that our people are coming back to invest in our land. He who God bless, should not 4get his pple wit employment. The sun must continue to rise. Igbo kwezuo nu

  2. Ndigbo kwennu!
    I’m happy that we are now thinking home. Today we have the like of Innoson Motors Manufacturing, Tommy Foods, Juhel Farmacy, Orient Petroleum Resources, Saab Miller Breweries, and many too numerous to mention.
    I congratulate Sir Peter Obi, “OKWUTE” in whom Jesus Christ has built His tent for the progress of Ndigbo.
    God bless our nation!
    God bless Ndigbo!

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