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Pic of the Day!Secondary School Girls Pose Nude in Front of their Hostel

Have you seen this pictures Circulating on the internet of 3 Secondary school girls posing Naked in front of a Girls Hostel,Well we got it and wonder what is going on in our Society


  1. They re not ordinary, it is that spirit of lesbianism that is at work not really them self

  2. Stop excageration. Dem no dey nude.

  3. The person who posted it on the net is bad.I can remember in those days in the hostel, we use to play football naked on the hostel field and nobody raise eyebrow.Those girls were free minded and were just playing.It does translate to decadence in our society.And the girls could be lured by a senior student and out of their gullibility, they may accept.The picture have so many strings attached to it.

  4. Stop makin dis an issues!we see more worse dan dis I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our beach n swiminpool

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